Choose Different

About Us

From the innovators of modern accommodation and the acclaimed Free Space solutions comes forth an intriguing and highly desirable next big offer.


The Collectionist understands modern travelers desire for something more unique than hotels yet with the appeal of a home feel, similar to an Air BnB offer. We call it a ‘Homtel’ experience but it’s essentially the best of hotel accommodation services married with custom designed  interior spaces that have been thoughtfully personalised To reflect individual tastes. We believe this fusion of the best of both worlds will ignite a desire for frequent travelers to try us. Whether you’re traveling for work, a long weekend getaway or an extended stay holiday, we have the ideal room for you.


Enjoy the experience that has been custom made by four of Australia’s leading architectural and interior design firms. There is a selection of modern, comfortable and well thought out spaces, some with outdoor areas and all With contemporary luxuries like high speed wi-fi and digital

TV that you’ve come to expect. Inspired from urban, luxe environments as well as eclectic art and design, you’re Sure to find a new world space to tempt you.


We’re situated in Camperdown in the Newtown precinct, with it’s happening vibe and we’re close to the airport and city which makes for an ideal and convenient location. We trust you’ll enjoy your stay with us and may even wish to share this unique experience with others. It’s our considered and purposefully unusual take on modern accommodation that we hope will inspire you to: Choose Different.



From the innovators of modern accommodation space comes something new for you to experience.



For the modern traveler who has frequented many types of accommodation, we offer a new and

different experience that is the fusion of the best of Air BnB with Hotel services - we call it ‘Homtel’.



Four of Australia’s top architectural and interior design agencies have developed bespoke and

considered contemporary spaces for you to try.



The Newton precinct offers a happening vibe and our proximity to the airport and city is convenient.



Whether you’re traveling for work, play or a holiday stay, we’ve got accommodation to suit

you. With custom designed spaces there is sure to be a new world experience to tempt you.

Choose Different.