Choose Different

Studio Apartment Sydney Interior 2 | The Warrior Bootstrap Room | The Collectionist Sydney Boutique Hotel

Our Story

Why stay with us you might ponder? Well, for starters, The Collectionist is no normal hotel.

We’re not a collection of guest room accommodation with cookie-cutter designs, but a new concept hotel that offer a selection of room canvases that you can choose on arrival!

Here’s how it works: First, book one of our 4 different room size categories—  Bootstrap, Moonshiner, Tinkerer and Artisan. Then on arrival, you’ll be escorted through the available rooms for the night where you can pick which one takes your fancy.

These individually-designed and uniquely named rooms are the results of creative collaborations from leading Australian designers, architects, artists, and people who know their s##t about what matters in Boutique Hotel accommodation. One thing’s for sure, we accept everyone is an individual and has choices. It’s this freedom of choice, to select what suits, that our hotel is built on.

So what are you waiting for? Come and Choose Different.